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Old 11th February 2020, 04:00 AM
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Project Stats not Updating

Beyond reported on the Database Error thread that Asteroids was not updating correctly on Feb 6.

Here is an expanded list of Projects where the Team positions are not being updated.

Amicable Numbers
World Community Grid

Do we have anyone who can look at the system to see if it is a script issue or what ?

The Daily updates under the DC Vault Projects folder are not auto generating daily either.

Bill F

**** Update after watching my Team stat's for another 15 days I have noted that the only project that has had a point change value on the right side is World Community Grid
example 8,568.628008 (Up 0.081339 points0.081339) ****

Last edited by Bill; 21st February 2020 at 02:30 AM. Reason: additional information for troubleshooting
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Old 11th February 2020, 01:47 PM
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Thanks for the list Bill. Hope things can get back on track as the DC-Vault is a fun and valuable endeavor.
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Old 7th March 2020, 12:22 AM
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Status of Stat's

Does anyone know if anyone is looking at the Stat's updating issue ? It seems like the Vault is hanging on some form of Auto pilot only and is just a step ahead of Life Support.

Bill F
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Old 10th March 2020, 03:31 AM
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Nobody is currently looking at it that I know of. CV is still MIA and I don't have time to learn everything needed to keep it afloat. When I have time, I may dabble a bit. For right now, don't put too much time into the rankings.
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